Clairvoyance ~ Tarot ~ Numerology ~ Astrology

Kathleen Medina is an intuitive with over fifteen years of professional experience.  For the past four years she has been on staff at the Metaphysical Department at Canyon Ranch.  Her gift is matrilineal, passed on for four generations.  Her work has helped guide thousands of people on their life path.

With a background in massage therapy and the healing arts, Kathleen has learned to consciously connect with source energy.  She's merged energetic techniques with her natural intuitive abilities to form the structure of her readings.

Kathleen offers four different services: clairvoyance, tarot, numerology and astrology.  Each modality provides comprehensive guidance and information to assist the client to greater awareness and empowerment.  Every session is designed to bring clarity in whatever area of life there are questions: career, relationships, health and wellness, spirituality, etc.  Her style is direct, positive and pragmatic.

Readings are available through her private practice, by telephone or via Skype.  Sessions are $150.00 for 1 to 1.25 hours.  The session includes an audio CD recording, plus a chart for numerology and astrology.  Short follow-up (1/2 hour) sessions are available for ongoing clients.

Intuitive development courses and workshops are ongoing.  A new online intuitive development course is now available.  Please inquire via email.

Payment is accepted by check or credit card via PayPal
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